Glorifying God

The example of how trees glorify God inspires me to glorify God in all I do, say or write.

Trees glorify God without using words at all. Nevertheless, trees witness to God’s goodness and provision. Trees provide shade and shelter to living things as well as food or products for others. As scorching sunlight glisten their leaves or ice glitters as diamonds on their branches, trees endure tough days with dignity and beauty. Trees weave soil and rocks with their roots, providing stability to the ground from storm erosion. Ultimately, when they decay, trees release nutrients for other living things.

On good days and bad, trees glorify God by living as God intended. We see the witness of their beings and can be thankful for the God who designed and created them.

As trees glorify God without using preachy words, we can also. When we share truth, provide helpful information, instruct or inspire readers even without using overtly religious words – in all these ways we can glorify God. When we speak or write from a heart and a mind that is in harmony with Christ, we serve him and serve others in a way that honors him.

God is the author of truth and excellence. He is the creator of a diversity of words and images that reflect his truth and bring him glory. As God’s servants and as trees, we can glorify God in a variety of media even when we do not use religious words.


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