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Picture this

While Jeff was visiting, we pulled out picture albums and laughed at old photos from when he was little.

The pictures captured treasured moments. Good times.

We tried to remember what it felt like back then when we lived those moments. Some memories are clear and others are a vague shadow of things that once were.

I sometimes regret that I didn't take more pictures during the busy years when the kids were young.

My hope is that God recorded it all for his children to enjoy later in the leisure of eternity.

I like to think that God will pull out photo albums and run movie clips in heaven. We'll laugh over some embarrassing events and silly faces. We'll poke fun at some of the out-of-date styles of clothing we wore or strange hairdos.

We'll finally understand more clearly what was going on during a difficult season.
Ultimately, we'll know that God was involved in our lives during each moment and cherished the memories. When we hugged a child or hiked through a sequoia gr…

Value the process

Some seasons in life are amazing.

In Lancaster, a small one is growing in the darkness. He isn’t wasting time or just lying around. He’s working hard to grow all the parts and pieces he will need. Every day he becomes a little bigger and a little more formed into the unique person he will one day become.

God sees him in the darkness as he grows. We need an ultrasound to get a glimpse.

In the ultrasound picture this little one’s back and elbow are clearly visible. Amazing!

He is so small and yet he is already a miniature person who will one day be able to gurgle and smile while he is cuddled in someone’s arms. He will delight his parents, grandparents and large extended family by his presence and his antics. Just the sight of him already does.

God has a purpose for this little one and is pleased with his steady progress. Jeff and Allison, his parents, are excited that he is growing so well. They know that children are a blessing from the Lord and they’re eager for this blessing to be fully …

Develop a Strategy

The peace in our house is broken. But we have a plan.

Ever since Jazzy came back from the veterinarian's office after a dental treatment, the fragile peace and companionship between the cats at home has been shattered. Mater (as in "Ter-mater," but without the "Ter") and Jazzy previously enjoyed each other's company -- at least a little. Now Mater keeps trying to attack Jazzy. On several occasions, the cats have demonstrated their current mutual dislike for one another, with flailing claws and intimidating growling and loud-pitched yowling. It is NOT a good idea to get in between two angry felines. Trust me.

Yikes! I miss the good 'ole days when the cats were 99% silky and 1% sharp.

For weeks now we have tried various methods to dissuade the two from fighting or growling. We're making progress.

The cats are going through a slow process now of getting used to the smell and presence of one another in the house once again. When they have supervised time to…

Begin Again

At a Weight Watcher's meeting, a slim participant answered a question about how she is working to maintain her weight. She said, "I begin again everyday. I don't think I've arrived now that I've hit my goal weight. I need to keep starting over everyday."

This is great advice. Regardless of how many goals we have already reached or passed, start again. Determine to begin again every day. This is a wise strategy for meeting weight goals and for reaching other important long-term goals. Time and persistence will pay off.

Keep at it. Whether it is the writing of an article, the decorating of a room or whittling off some extra weight -- start again today.

Make the call

Make the call. Don't let fear hold you back.

I was a young stay-at-home mother when I noticed an advertisement for freelance writers in our regional newspaper, The Gaithersburg Gazette. At the time, I’d sent out several parenting articles, humor and poems to Christian publications, some of which were published. I hadn’t thought about writing for a local publication. What would I write? I’d had no formal journalism training or an English degree at that time. I didn’t know anyone at the paper. And worst of all I was super busy already with four small children and other children I watched a few hours after school. The only time I had to write was at the end of the day after baths and bedtime stories when I was usually exhausted.

Fears buzzed in my mind. I prayed for courage. We could use extra money and I loved to write, so I made the call. The editor was willing to look at anything I submitted on speculation that might be of interest to local readers.

Now what would I do?

I knew a woman…

Seed the market

Sequoias release their seeds en mass. They send out their seeds in the hopes that some will find a place to flourish and grow. The strategy counts on numbers. By sending out a great many seeds, a sequoia increases the likelihood that a few seeds will find an appropriate site in which to grow. Not every seed grows into a mature sequoia. Not every seed was intended to.

As writers, we’d like every work we create to count and be useful. But not every piece we write may find a publishing spot in which to take hold. It isn’t realistic to think that everything we write will get published.

Because we don’t know what will find its place in the publishing world and what won’t, it is wise to emulate a sequoia by creating many beautiful and useful pieces, as God gives us strength. Then send them out. Not indiscriminately, of course. (Targeting markets is another blog subject.) We have a greater opportunity than a sequoia to be careful where we send the things we create so that they might have a rea…