Make the call

Make the call. Don't let fear hold you back.

I was a young stay-at-home mother when I noticed an advertisement for freelance writers in our regional newspaper, The Gaithersburg Gazette. At the time, I’d sent out several parenting articles, humor and poems to Christian publications, some of which were published. I hadn’t thought about writing for a local publication. What would I write? I’d had no formal journalism training or an English degree at that time. I didn’t know anyone at the paper. And worst of all I was super busy already with four small children and other children I watched a few hours after school. The only time I had to write was at the end of the day after baths and bedtime stories when I was usually exhausted.

Fears buzzed in my mind. I prayed for courage. We could use extra money and I loved to write, so I made the call. The editor was willing to look at anything I submitted on speculation that might be of interest to local readers.

Now what would I do?

I knew a woman in our neighborhood who I thought was interesting. She worked as a nurse and cared for AIDS patients in their homes. She agreed to be interviewed, so I wrote a profile about her. The Gazette published it!

That initial success led to others and confirmed my desire to write. I was glad that God had given me the courage to overcome my fears and make the call.

So what is it you have an opportunity to do? Is it an upcoming job interview to a new company or to an area of the country you're not sure you want to move to? It it a career change that may require yet more years of education? It it a new baby who will change your life, your marriage, and may slow down a career? Is it a willingness to explore a new relationship and get past fears of being hurt yet again? Is it a writing opportunity that you know God has given you but you're not sure it will pay enough bills?

Whatever it is: make the attempt, step out, make the call. If God hasn't hung out a roadsign that says "Stop" or "Exit here," you have a choice.

Explore the opportunity with the One who has promised to never leave you and never forsake you. God will go with you to help you in whatever path He has given you freely to choose for He longs to bless you abundantly beyond all you ask or think.


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