Value the process

Some seasons in life are amazing.

In Lancaster, a small one is growing in the darkness. He isn’t wasting time or just lying around. He’s working hard to grow all the parts and pieces he will need. Every day he becomes a little bigger and a little more formed into the unique person he will one day become.

God sees him in the darkness as he grows. We need an ultrasound to get a glimpse.

In the ultrasound picture this little one’s back and elbow are clearly visible. Amazing!

He is so small and yet he is already a miniature person who will one day be able to gurgle and smile while he is cuddled in someone’s arms. He will delight his parents, grandparents and large extended family by his presence and his antics. Just the sight of him already does.

God has a purpose for this little one and is pleased with his steady progress. Jeff and Allison, his parents, are excited that he is growing so well. They know that children are a blessing from the Lord and they’re eager for this blessing to be fully realized.

They don’t much like (who does?) the morning sickness and future labor pains that accompany the growth and birth of this baby. And nine months of waiting can seem like a lifetime. But they are determined to get through the process as gracefully as possible so this little one can have a great start in life and so they can become the parents they want to be.

As it takes time for a baby to develop within the womb, becoming a good parent, a good employee or a good writer is a process. As we prayerfully work at the tasks God gives us, we change, one day at a time, one task at a time.

Like the giant sequoias that grow from tiny seeds, small changes add up into amazing things.

Enjoy the process … cherish each new development.


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