Focus on obedience, not results

Yesterday's devotional in the Upper Room was a topic that hits close to home for me: focusing on obedience -- not results.

I sometimes forget what I thought I learned before on this subject. Yesterday was a good opportunity to remember anew.

The message was timely because the day before another politely worded rejection slip found its way into my mailbox. After getting a rejection slip, I sometimes need a reminder that God wants obedience, not results.

It can get discouraging when we work hard and do what's right and good and we don't see the results we expected. In the world, we are often measured on results. It's easy to fall into that way of thinking and take rejections personally. God doesn't measure us or our efforts in this way, the devotional writer reminds us. God desires our obedience.

This is true in writing and in other areas of life.

So what am I going to do about the rejected submission? I'm going to prayerfully research the market again and either resubmit it as it is or revise it first.

That may sound like a no-brainer to some people, but it isn't always easy for me to shake off the dust of rejection from my feet (and keyboard) and begin again in obedience to God's call to write.

Today, I want to focus on being a clean and overflowing conduit of God's love in words and actions.

If the Creator can grow majestic sequoias from a few scattered seeds, God can salvage beauty from the small offerings we release on the breezes of faith.

To read the devotional: "Obedience - Not Results"


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