For faith and courage to move forward

Graduates are knocking on doors and looking for opportunities. Graduates are ready to try their talents in the marketplaces in new ways. Summer jobs, internships, entry-level positions -- whatever is open to them.

It takes courage and faith for graduates to knock on doors and ask about needs and opportunities that may be a good fit for their talents and ambitions.

It takes courage to walk away from one poor fitting need and faith to keep looking for a better fitting place to serve with a whole heart.

It takes courage for employers to take a chance on an unproven prospect and faith to believe that an investment in an employee will prove wise in the long view.

Lord, in these media-hyped economic times, give each graduate and employer courage to do what is right.

Let faith, not fear, guide choices.

Let hope, not pessimistic imaginings, fill spirits.

Let sound thoughts and integrity, guide actions.

In all that is said or decided, let kindness prevail.


  1. Thank you for this. I have so enjoyed reading your blog, and especially this entry as we move into many new stages - a good reminder to let our guide be faith and trust in God. It was good to see everyone yesterday and we look forward to celebrating this weekend.


  2. Allison, thank you for commenting.

    I know you and Jeff have faith and courage. It is wise of you to keep your focus on God, the giver of opportunities, strength, courage, wisdom and faith as you walk together through the changes ahead.


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