On "The Changing Bookstore Battle"

Powell's bookstore in Portland; Photo Credits: http://www.pdphoto.com/; Public Domain.

The times they are 'a changing . . .

Borders is for sale. Smaller independent bookstore owners are watching the trend. For years independent bookstores have faced fierce competition from large bookstore chains such as Borders that could offer larger selections and discounted pricing. As a result, many small independent bookstores have been forced to close their doors. Now, it seems, the big bookstores are finding it hard to stay afloat with competitors such as Costco and online marketplaces open 24/7 like Amazon.com, AbeBooks, and Half.com.

Barbara Meade, a co-owner of Politics and Prose, an independent bookstore, commented on Border's dilemma in her store's newsletter. Meade is quoted in today's Washington Post, "Borders has announced a shift in business from selling books to selling the whole business."

This isn't surprising news. Change and economic competition are part of the American way.

As a small independent seller of books online, I'm interested in the trend.

Where do you think people buy books and why?

To read the article, see http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/04/04/AR2008040403540.html


  1. I think bookstores that you can walk into face mighty competition from low prices and huge selections online.
    I buy from a local independent store, a brand new Christian local bookstore, a local used book store, www.christianbook.com and amazon.

  2. Hi -

    I just discovered your blog through your comment on TWV2.
    Your blog is now listed on my Favorites.

    I purchase books from several sources: a local Christian bookstore, Christianbook.com, and Amazon. Price is definitely an issue for me. I don't purchase books at stores like Costco because they generally do not have what I want. Their selection of Christian titles is limited.

    Now, I'm going to explore your blog further.

    Susan J. Reinhardt

  3. Susan, I'm honored you would put a link to this blog on your Favorites.

    Thank you for your comments. I'm enjoying the TWV2 group and learning a lot!

    I hope God blesses you abundantly in all you do, say and write! write! write!



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