How do you communicate across four generations?

Four generations of our family celebrated a college graduation and a baby shower last week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. These were reasons enough for four generations of family members to carve out time and travel to be together for a few days.

Some families stay in touch by talking on the phone weekly, daily or even several times a day. Our family uses the phone less frequently most weeks, but we make an effort to gather for some special events.

These years the events that attract the oldest generation to travel across country are graduations and baby showers. As health permits, Pat attends the major celebrations that mark this time in her grandchildren's lives.

The youngest generation is too young to complain. Alea and the babies-yet-to-come go where they are carried.

The sandwich generations do what they can to attend special events when time and budgets allow.

The baby boomers have more time to visit when work schedules allow. We value keeping in touch with adult children, growing grandchildren and parents.

Twenty somethings are willing to visit but have to squeeze it in to an already busy schedule. They are busy dating, studying for college classes, working, starting young families, looking for a new place to live, or interviewing for new career opportunities. Their lives are busy and money is tight.

Those are some of the practical realities of the generations, but it doesn't explain everything.

This topic will be continued in the next blog.

How do you communicate across generations?


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