An unexpected gift

I don't often think of mistakes being a good thing. I'm trying to change that attitude. There is a lot we can learn from mistakes. Although I know that in my head, I try hard not to make mistakes.

Even with my best efforts, mistakes happen.

I made one a few days ago. When I was sending out emails about ideas to update our church website, I included a wrong email address in the distribution list. Not everyone in our group received the email and someone in Wisconsin I'd never met did.

When she read the email, she also clicked on the eMinistry blog link. Sequoias caught her attention. In her email to me later, where she graciously let me know of my mistake, she said the mistake must have been of God. We are kindred spirits in our faith and our love of trees.

She's a gifted artist and an art teacher. She sent me a .jpg of a pastel drawing of a sequoia towering above other trees that she completed last month. Stunning.

Some mistakes can yield a gift of beauty. This one did and I am grateful.


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