Will you cheer in heaven?

It will be a roll call of the ages for the young and the aged ...

I was thinking about heaven as we watched our beloved Lauren graduate.
We sat in the bleachers with other parents, family members and friends. We watched as hundreds of college graduates walked across the stage one by one, shook hands with school administrators, and headed off into their futures.

Yesterday, at Towson University, when each name was called, a pocket of cheers erupted from various areas of the audience. We waited for our turn to cheer.

Towson administrators sped up the process. Graduates formed into two lines on either side of the platform. As a name was called, a graduate walked onto the stage. While that graduate was shaking hands with an administrator, the next graduate's name was called and that graduate stepped onto the stage from the other side. The graduates would then stride toward the center and descend stairs to return to their seats. In this way, administrators called out a graduate's name roughly every 5 seconds.

I wanted to click on names and strolling figures. As I waited to hear Lauren's name, I wondered about the graduates in her class. Who were they? What have they overcome to reach this milestone? What have they learned that will serve them well in the challenges they would soon face?

I knew I'd been spending too much time on social networking sites like FaceBook, ShoutLife and Twitter, when I starting wishing I could click something to get answers to my questions. I wanted to read their profile. I wanted to know who their friends were who were seated behind us on the bleachers, yelling and stomping.

Identically dressed students in black caps and gowns were more than names to at least some of the people in the audience. I wanted to know more.

Perhaps someday I will meet some of these young people in heaven and I can ask them.

I wondered how many of these graduates had names enrolled in Heaven's list. How many would hear praise for their work? How many would receive lasting rewards for their efforts at the throne of Christ?

At least in Heaven, when we hear a name called out, we will have the time and opportunity to know more about the person than the name. We won't be in a hurry to speed past to yet another unique name and young face.

Heaven will give us a FaceBook beyond our dreams. So when we gather to hear a name called and a reward given by Christ, we will all be cheering for we shall all be family.


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