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Article: The Power of Generation

In a recent blog post, Dr. James L. Knapp, of "Christianity Today," discussed the needs for members of the Boomer generation to find meaningful service. The members of this generation don't necessarily want to join in on activities that were designed to appeal to older generations. Members of this generation have a lot to give, but often want to find a meaningful match of their talents and interests with an expressed need. If they don't, they may be reluctant to be involved.

Pastors and leaders face a challenge to involve members of the Boomer generation in volunteer work unless it can satisfy the need of a Boomer to be meaningfully active.

This has a lot of truth in it. It strikes a chord.

What do you think? Why?

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update on the Extreme Makeover Benefit Concert.

The benefit concert last month at GPC raised more than $16,000 for the Jackson family.

Area groups sang and talented artists performed, including a choir from GPC. The gospel concert was filled with praise, clapping and song. It was a memorial evening for participants of all ages. All praised and celebrated God's goodness.

Money raised that night will help the Jackson family pay expenses associated with an Extreme Makeover Home Edition upgrade to their property in nearby Poolesville, Md.

The episode will be the season premier in the Fall.