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Hurry up ... and wait

Some days I feel like I'm a jet engine humming on a tarmack, waiting for someone to flash the green light so I can take off ... but they aren't ready.

I'm ready. I want to get moving and get things done. What's taking so long?

But someone else isn't ready, and it isn't my turn to race down the course to do what I have been designed to do. Yet.

Do you ever wonder what's the point of waiting? Do you ever feel, like I do, that it is a waste of your life blood's jet fuel to stand idle, waiting for someone else to make a move?


Lord, give me patience and wisdom to wait for others so that we can work together for your purposes and in your time.

Change: When lofty plans meet everyday realities

We sold our loft bed set yesterday. David and Matt dismantled it and carried it in pieces out of the boys' old bedroom to a stranger's car. I didn't want to watch them cannibalize it.

That loft bed set has been in our home since 1984, when newborn Matt slept in a crib. The girls used it as a bunk bed until Matt was old enough to sleep in the bottom bunk while big brother Jeff climbed the ladder to the loft. The boys claimed the set as their own for the bulk of their childhood and into college years. The solid wood set was heavy and sturdy and made by Cargo to last. It has lasted for decades in our home.

"We can't hold onto the things or people of what once was. When we try, we clutter our rooms and our lives with memories and relics that make it hard, if not impossible, to fully embrace and welcome the gifts and people of today."
I have memories of that bunk bed/loft.

Years ago, in Maryland, when we lived at the back of the Village, small eyes would peek out fro…