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New patterns entwine with memory's shadows

Today's activities feel like a pleasant echo of long ago patterns. As a grandmother, my body is slower, but I have learned to savor today's journey especially when a day contains shadows of yesterday's memories.

I'm visiting Christy and Jeremiah in Indianapolis this week. While they are working today, finishing tasks up before Xavier arrives, soon-to-be big sister Alea and I watered the lawn and played with her slide.

The at-home activities with Alea this morning are echoes of long ago patterns when Christy and her siblings would run and giggle during our let's-sprinkle-the-lawn times.

Alea wasn't too keen on being near the fine mist spewing from the Elmo lawn attachment. She preferred staying dry. She rode her red plastic tracker on the sidewalk and on the back porch while sprinkled droplets slid down blades of grass into the dark Indiana soil. When Alea toddled toward the slide, I let Elmo slump over to spritz another area of the lawn. Alea didn't hide her e…

Time away -- priceless

David and I took a break and went out of town for a few days. While David attended business meetings, I dived deeper into disconnection and did not check email for days. Delicious freedom.

Of course, when we returned a few things didn't run as smoothly here and there because I had been harder to reach.... I still don't regret taking the time away to rest, think, pray and play.

I'm back in the business of bookstore work, volunteer work and family. I feel ready to deal with issues that need attention. It is time to reconnect with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

We all need to get away now and then.

Jesus set us an example. Jesus would get away from the crowds from time to time. He may have needed that time for renewal, certainly his retreats from public ministry allowed him emotional and social space to think and pray. I find that periodic time apart from day-to-day activities and responsibilities is worth whatever piles up on desk or doorstep and waits for my return.

There is ble…

Be Still

It helps to be still from time to time. We can become so busy trying to get things done that we forget why we are doing things or how we want to feel or how we want others to feel in the process of accomplishing goals.

The sermon this morning addressed this topic. Interesting.

I've been thinking about the whys and hows of what we do -- what I do -- this last week. I've been praying for God to give me wisdom and His Spirit as I do things. Some tasks have gone more smoothly this last week as a result.

It's great to get things done, but it is wonderful to be in harmony with others as we get things done ... or not.

We aren't on this planet to get a long list of action items done, necessarily. We ARE on this planet, I believe, to be like Jesus in the way we get things done or make others feel while we work together.

I forget sometimes. It is good to be still and remember. That's what a Sabbath time of being still can give us -- breathing room in the busyness of life to see w…