Time away -- priceless

David and I took a break and went out of town for a few days. While David attended business meetings, I dived deeper into disconnection and did not check email for days. Delicious freedom.

Of course, when we returned a few things didn't run as smoothly here and there because I had been harder to reach.... I still don't regret taking the time away to rest, think, pray and play.

I'm back in the business of bookstore work, volunteer work and family. I feel ready to deal with issues that need attention. It is time to reconnect with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

We all need to get away now and then.

Jesus set us an example. Jesus would get away from the crowds from time to time. He may have needed that time for renewal, certainly his retreats from public ministry allowed him emotional and social space to think and pray. I find that periodic time apart from day-to-day activities and responsibilities is worth whatever piles up on desk or doorstep and waits for my return.

There is blessing in activity and blessing in the time we are still and focused on God's goodness and wisdom.

How about you? Do you allow yourself time to get a break from your responsibilities and 24/7 connection?


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