Speaking the truth in love when a neighbor cuts down your tree, part 1

What would you do if your neighbor cut down your tree without permission?

I've been meditating on different Scripture that I think may be applicable to this situation all day and maybe part of the night.

One day the tree is stretching 12-15 feet into the clear sky. The next morning, the tree is severed from its roots and lying on the ground outside our fence.

The neighbor said she made an executive decision because she couldn't reach us. We went to church. We usually do that time every Sunday morning.

Some words are best left within the silent recesses of our home, or echoing prayerfully in the meditations of our hearts, or whispered half-explained to Internet friends.

What would you do? What would you say? Just curious. Are you?

By my title, you might be able to guess some of what I think. But this is an interactive story. Without at least one comment, part two might take a very long time to hit bright sunshine.


  1. I think we found a new place to dispose of Jazzy's "surprises", and it's NOT where the tree used to be .... ;)


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