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A journey of love is worth the risk

As my youngest son turned 24 and sat beside his beautiful girlfriend last night at our celebratory dinner out, it brought back memories. At his age, David was that handsome older man who talked me into the biggest leap of my life -- the leap into a commitment of marriage.

He was 24, I was 21. It was hard to answer his marriage proposal. My mother had two painful marriages that ended with her weeping and struggling to raise children. Alone. It helped to break her.

When you see such pain, marriage doesn't mean "happily ever after" ever again. Not for some people. Maybe not for you.

I was terrified of getting married. How could I make it work? How could I make it last? How did people do it?

I didn't have all the answers. I had a few promises, a few ideas, some faith and a veneer of hope. I took the leap, holding tight to David's hand and clinging to a God who also promised to always love me. That was then, 1975. This is now. We've taken the last 33 years of married …