"When my spirit grows faint within me . . ."

"When my spirit grows faint within me,
it is you who know my way." Psalm 142: 3a (NIV)
David wrote this psalm from a cave where he hid from King Saul's soldiers. David didn't feel safe. He didn't feel supported by enough others to meet the challenges he faced. In the dim light of that moment, David called on God to rescue him and show him a path to a future place where he could praise God's goodness with others. David asked for and hoped in God's help. History teaches us that David eventually received what he asked for in ways beyond his dreams.

How about us? We may not have a platoon of soldiers hunting us; but, in these economic times, we can feel besieged by fears about jobs and finances and worries about the future. Like David, we may yearn for a sense of safety, freedom and a path to a future time when we can celebrate with others in God's faithfulness and goodness to us.

God is in the business of freeing prisoners and giving hope to those who call on him. When no one else seems to care, God cares. God listens. And, in his time, God answers his children with provisions, good gifts, and blessings in abundance, including joyous community with his people -- if not in this life, then, in the next.

Lord, when fear pursues us and worries tangle our paths, free our hearts and minds to see beyond the caves of our circumstances. Open our eyes to see your love and faithfulness shining as a light in the darkness. And as we walk toward future feasts, help us hum a song of praise through the dark night and the shadowy moments of this day.


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