Called to overcome

We're called to overcome. We're like salmon, swimming up the current, fighting hazards, striving to a goal just out of reach.

Some of us make it to the goal. Survivors.

Some of us just can't. There are many reasons.

We are called to overcome the things that would hold us back and suck us under. The difficult circumstances, the impossible expectations, the quicksand feelings, the hazards of life, the injustices and unkindnesses and tragedies all around -- we are called to choose life, to choose hope, to choose faith in a just and caring God who helps us.

We are called to walk in grace. And if we fall, when we fall, we are called to get up and keep going. He calls us to himself. He overcame. He calls us to overcome all that would keep us from his freedom and joy.

We are called to be like him.

What do you struggle with today? Do you hear God's call to overcome? He can help you do it.


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