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Write Integrity Contest will be giving away prizes this Saturday

Write Integrity Editorial Services is celebrating a grand opening. In honor of this event, they are hosting a contest.

On Saturday, March 7th, Write Integrity will announce winners for the following prizes:Prize #1: One "The Works" edit - up to 100,000 words (up to $1,000 value)Prize #2: One "Conference Special" edit of your first three chapters and synopsis ($200 value)Prize #3: One Web site design - up to 5 pages - ($500 value)Prize #4: One Blog tour #2 ($350 value)Prize #5: One year free Web hosting ($95.40 value)Prize #6: One "One-Sheet" Design ($50 value)Prize #7: One Image Package ($1,000 value.) This package includes a logo design, domain name, Web site, and business card and letterhead design, and one year of free web hosting. Visit Write Integrity for more information on their contest and services.