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Refuse to give up

But the bottom line is, most successful authors are those who simply refuse to give up.

-- Terry Burns, Hartline Literary Agency Terry Burn's statement, as part of a recent online ACFW class, hit a nerve.

"Refuse to give up" is wise advice for many endeavors. This thought ran through my head today at odd moments -- while waiting for a traffic light to turn green, while watching a toddler daintily dip a McDonald's french fry into ketchup, or while thinking in a quiet house late at night.
Keep at it. Don't give up. Refuse to give up.I hear this message on "The Biggest Loser." I enjoy watching this reality show, not so much because of the weight loss, but because of the daily, weekly and persistent process the contestants undergo. They set a goal, try, make choices, and achieve results, sometimes positive, sometimes not. They learn to master their bodies and appetites. They also must overcome self-doubt, pressure, negative thinking and the inevitable compariso…

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World: Finding Intimacy with God in the Busyness of Lifeby Joanna Weaver, Waterbrook Press 2000.

Thought-provoking thoughts abound in this beautifully written book by Joanna Weaver, an author, pastor's wife and mother of two. Reading this book reminds me to slow down and soak in God's love and truth. Some days I hop into the whirl of activities without that cleansing peaceful time. Other days, I catch up in the evening with quiet time and a willing-to-be-quiet heart.

One night, I found myself getting tired and crabby. I sent myself to my room and settled in with another chapter from this book. Excellent remedy to send me to God's Word for cleansing and a realigned perspective.

How about you? What reminds you to seek God's quiet amid life's busyness?

Happy Earth Day

"The earth is the Lord's and everything in it." (I Cor. 10:26 NIV) That's reason enough for me to celebrate.

I'm loving the partly sunny day - not too hot, not too bright weather today.

I'm particularly grateful today for those who set aside parks and national wilderness areas. I love the sequoias; and I'm grateful people protected them so other generations could enjoy their beauty.

We see something of the beauty of God when we look at his practical art creations.

How do you contribute to the Earth's care and well-being for the good of us all? What small thing can you do to make a difference?

Photo credit: Public Domain, courtesy of p d

Courage to follow a dream

An unknown singer caught the attention of millions in a recent Britain's Got Talent audition. When Susan Boyle walked out on the stage, her appearance didn't prepare anyone for the melodious soulful sounds she created.

Susan Boyle tried out for the show. Her courage and talent inspire me to dare to reach out and be all that I can be.

Way to go, Susan. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us all.

Listen to Susan Boyle.

What or who encourages you to follow your dreams?

Springtime in Indianapolis

Cherry blossoms in Indianapolis are just as beautiful as those near my home in Maryland.

Dogwoods, forsythia, dandylions... all the familiar blooms I look for in Spring are here.

Home is an open heart, thankful for the beauty of this moment.

Time to get busy

I won first prize!

Prize #1: One "The Works" edit - up to 100,000 words (up to $1,000 value)

Now I need to get busy and put words to paper!