Courage to follow a dream

An unknown singer caught the attention of millions in a recent Britain's Got Talent audition. When Susan Boyle walked out on the stage, her appearance didn't prepare anyone for the melodious soulful sounds she created.

Susan Boyle tried out for the show. Her courage and talent inspire me to dare to reach out and be all that I can be.

Way to go, Susan. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us all.

Listen to Susan Boyle.

What or who encourages you to follow your dreams?


  1. Just a note to Connie in general about your blog posts. Your heart seems pure before the Lord. Wonderful uplifting, encouragement in Christ. All of it. If you stay close to Him, the true spring of life, He will pour a continuous river of life from your heart "pen."

  2. These words express my heart desire -- to be a clean conduit of God's truth. He is the true spring of life.


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