Gustave Niebuhr: On "How Much Words Matter"

Bible passageReligion writer Gustav Niebuhr, author of Beyond Tolerance, spoke on how much words matter at the Evangelical Press Association convention in Indianapolis, May 6-8, 2009.

This may seem a strange message to share with a banquet room filled with professional editors and writers. If anyone knows the importance of words, surely these gifted communicators would.

But even experienced communicators may need a reminder during these economic times. When long-standing institutions stop their presses, lay off employees or decide to only publish online, economic worries can cloud judgments and distort perspectives.

Encouragement to revist reasons to communicate despite obstacles and economic woes is a timely reminder for communicators in any field.

I wrote down several comments that touched my heart:
"Words carry power and can be profoundly transformative."

"Something you say or write may embed [itself] in another person's consciousness and change the way they live and act in the world."
Whether or not you earn a living by writing or speaking, your words matter.

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If you
shared life-giving, transformative words with someone else today, what would you say?


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