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I started writing for I'm now the DC Historic Travel Examiner. Last night I posted my first article on Arlington National Cemetery since yesterday marked its 145th year. With Memorial Day approaching, this is a good time to think about those who came before us and sacrificed so we could enjoy the many freedoms we have.

If you're interested in history in the metropolitan DC area, you're welcome to visit my Web page at Let me know what you think.

Got requests?
I take requests! If there are specific areas you'd be interested in reading, drop me a line and I'll look into them. Monticello is now on my list of places to visit and research.

Want to write?
If you're interested in writing for, they still have slots for writers. Tell them I sent you.

I enjoy learning about and learning from history. We can learn much from those who've gone before us, if we would only observe and listen.

How about you? In what ways has learning about or visiting a historical site been meaningful to you?

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