National days of celebration

coupleTwo national days of celebrating have just passed: Mother's Day and the National Day of Prayer. Father's Day and National Grandparents' Day are yet to come.

Mothers, fathers, grandparents and prayer are important every day of the year. Can you imagine life without any one of them?

Life without parents? Unthinkable
Without parents or grandparents, where would we be?

If we hadn't been born, maybe we'd be living with God, somehow, somewhere. But how would we enter into this life's reality without those specific individuals in our family tree who lived, loved and allowed us to exist?

praying handsPrayer gifts
Then there's prayer. Without prayer, we may not venture into life as fully or as joyfully. Prayer frees us to follow God's ways and avail ourselves of resources beyond our capabilities: love for others, including the unlovely; wisdom for all puzzles, big and small; strength for challenges; and all manner of spiritual gifts for tasks at hand.

We join our voices in prayer on the "National Day of Prayer," not because God won't listen unless we shout at him from large groups, but because God promises to be present when 2 or 3 or more gather together in his name. God hears our voices when we join in a chorus of petition and praise. God listens for solitary ones who call on him, trusting him to hear.

God makes himself available 24/7, daily. No busy signals. No hidden fees. Call while you're in range. Be daring in your asking. You may find answers beyond your wildest dreams within God's generous gifts of himself and his creations. He satisfies seeking hearts.

How do you celebrate national days for mothers, fathers, grandparents or prayer?

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