Thank you, Veterans

National Memorial Day Concert 2009Memorial Day 2009.

We attended the National Memorial Day concert last night on the West Lawn of the Capitol. The service was stirring and my heart is still thankful.

During Memorial Day weekend, perhaps more than other days, I think about the sacrifices and service you gave to this country. You risked much, and you endured unimaginable things during times of peace (I don't believe I could get through Boot Camp) and during horrific times of war.

As a nation, we have much to be grateful for. For more than 200 years, from Revolutionary times to actions in present-day Afghanistan and Iraq, this people has depended on its citizen soldiers and those who enlisted in its Armed Forces. You have protected and defended this nation. Thank you.

I am grateful.

Thank you for the freedoms and privileges we enjoy in this country that your service made possible.

Thank you for heeding the call of duty in times of your nation's needs.

Thank you for putting yourself on the line so others you would never meet could sleep safely at night and rise the next morning, morning after morning, to walk freely along the beaches and streets of this country.

Thank you for all the things you did that I don't know about, but God does.

May God richly reward you for who you are and eternally will be and for what you did, for we can never repay you.

And may those you loved find peace and purpose in God's everlasting love.

Photo Credit:(c) CWBrown, 2009. National Memorial Day Concert 2009, on the West Lawn of the Capitol.

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