Are you bearing heavy loads?

Broken tree limbs litter grounds outside my office window. A recent snowstorm dumped record levels of snow onto branches, lawns, roofs and roads. Several roofs collapsed in the region, many more limbs buckled under the weight of February's snow.

Younger limbs higher on the conifers survived the storm. Older limbs were not as fortunate.  The younger limbs have less area, less capacity, to hold wet snow as it sifts through the sky and slips from higher branches. Lower, older limbs which have stretched to gather sunshine further from the trunk have more surface area. Surface area can be an advantage for synthesizing sunshine, but a disadvantage when wet snow clings in heavy clumps. Some limbs broke under the weights of the storm and now litter lawns.

This image reminds me of workloads.  During this time of economic challenges, when more employers are cutting back, are you being asked to carry heavier work loads? Are fewer people volunteering to help a community project or in the church, yet needs are increasing?

How do you carry heavy work loads and survive?


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