Sweeter than chocolate

I heeded a friend's recent message to live simply and invest in relationships. In the aftermath of several monster snow storms in the metropolitan Washington area, I helped a neighbor shovel her driveway. We chatted a little. It was a rare opportunity to catch up on each other's busy lives.

No good deed goes unrewarded.

A few days later she brought over a large tin of cookies as an early Valentine's gift. I said thank you, but "Yikes!" I didn't buy that particular tin at Costco during the holiday season for a reason. Many little, tiny, delicious reasons and several hard-to-walk-it-off-the-hips reasons.

For days our family snuggled in the family room with that unexpected tin of cookies. Snow piles everywhere we look have outlasted those tasty gifts.

The rewards of being a good neighbor are sweet. I like her smiles.

I think I'll give her several of my yellow roses.

How about you? What non-chocoholic ways do you try to be a good neighbor?


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