Taming tech anxiety begins with remembering

I like to joke now and then about struggles I've had with computers. It helps to remember. It may help to share.

As a Web worker for our local church, I meet people with diverse attitudes and comfort levels with technology. Some are excited, some cooperative, and some are outright hostile.

A Web worker in the local church may enjoy spreading the word of Christ's love on the Web site, but loving words are needed behind the scenes as well, especially for those who resist change the loudest.

When I can listen and recognize frustrations or fears I've once felt, I'm in a better place to pray. When I can hear, "I don't want to have anything to do with the Web site" and not expect him to change, that gives him space to own his feelings as the whirlwind of technology invades more and more of his once familiar world and also his church routines.

Mastering technology is important, but it isn't the most important part of Web work for the church. Serving is. Remembering helps.


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