Yikes! There's a spider in my Web

spider webI work on our church's Web site. It is a wonderful way for a writer and Christian to serve in the church, but it isn't paradise. Or maybe I should say it is similar to paradise on some days, but watch those spiders!

Spiders are creepy, crawling problems, thoughts and sometimes people that unsettle my concentration on serving God. They have eight legs!

Yesterday I tangled with several spiders. Yikes!

Today is a time for healing from their bites. My bandages have a smiley and the verse, "The Lord is good."

Since Christ could endure the cross out of love for us, I willingly and prayerfully serve him now on a Web. But I don't do it because I like spiders or their traps. Sometimes I don't even like technology.

No, I serve the living Christ who said he was the Way, the Truth and the Life. Christ's way for me has lead me on a journey on Webs and through Webs. Although they can be cool, I'm not enthralled by Webs; I'm seeking God's smile.

How about you? What critters infest your garden? How do you fumigate?


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