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What kind of God lets little children suffer?

Suffering children. We've seen televised images of thin and battered Haitian children climbing through rubble in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. We've heard news stories of children who have been brutalized by strangers, or worse yet, by parents. We might even be one of those people who was hurt during childhood in ways that never should have happened.
Real life isn't Disneyland. Not all tigers are toys or a friendly person who is dressed in a plush costume.
How can a teacher or parent or any caring person see a hurting child and not say something, do something, to help?
I don't know how doctors can stand to watch a screaming and bleeding child be carried into an emergency room.
If we can care, why doesn't God seem to care? 
How can God have any kind of joy and peace while he sits in front of his big screen and watches children struggle and cry? How can God keep silent about what he sees? How can God let his children suffer and continue to suffer for any per…

What does Snow White have to do with it?

My granddaughter, 2 1/2, loves Snow White. Of course, she puts it differently. She says she IS Snow White. There is definitely a resemblance.

In recent days and months, I've watched Disney's "Snow White" countless times beside her. I've become a fan.

Snow White has a lot to teach us about life, the world, faith, good, evil, how to treat others, and most importantly about love. We could probably learn a thing or two about what it is to be a princess (or prince), a beloved child of God, the King of Kings.

In conjunction with the Let's Be Real series of blogs I have on my heart, I will post a thought or two on The Gospel According to Snow White.

The problem of pain

I find it hard to understand how a good and loving God can allow pain in this world. I've read books on the issue that have offered insights and perspectives, some I agree with, some I don't. Titles that come to mind are The Problem of Pain, by C. S. Lewis, and How Can Bad Things Happen to Good People, by Harold Kushner.

Some of the questions explored in the books included: If God is good, how can he be loving to allow pain in this world? Or if God is loving, how can he be good to allow pain in this world? Each author came to his own conclusion.

Each of us may have formed an opinion on the subject.

For a thinking person of faith, I think the existence of pain in this world is a HUGE problem.  

What do you think?

Let's get real: Life hurts

Sometimes life hurts. That's what I'm thinking about today, this week. You're welcome to join me in the discussion.

I have some thoughts on the subject. I bet you do too. You can agree with me or not. That's okay. I want to listen to you. I hope you listen to me. We may learn something from this sharing.

No holds barred. Let's have at it. I like honesty. Let's be honest. 

The Scriptures say, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." I believe truth can hurt. I also believe we can become freer people by exposing ourselves to Truth -- our truth, another's truth, God's truth.
Let's not be afraid of speaking or hearing truth as we know it. But, let's be respectful of one another while we share...
This is Holy Week for Christians. Good Friday is coming up soon. I'd like to start this discussion with something worth talking about.... the problem of pain. Is it a problem? Is God good? Is God loving? What kind of Father in hea…

Changing times, changing roles

This week I'm Nana, helping with grand kids while their parents work nights. That's a different role than the independence I experience most of the time at home.

As I understand the Nana role, correct me if I'm wrong, Nanas aren't in charge. Oh, for some moments and some tasks, maybe, when parents aren't around, but not in the way Moms and Dads are in charge. And not when they're home.

Over time a parent's role changes from being a parent to helping an adult child be the parent. That's part of the Nana role I'm talking about. Tricky stuff.

It's challenging to slip wisely and gracefully into the Nana (or grandparent) role. Sometimes it feels like snapping on a scuba mask, squeezing into a wetsuit and fumbling with fins. It takes time and attention not to trip. I have bruises to prove it.

Wearing a Nana role includes slipping in a mouth piece. Good thing. It can get a bit bloody biting that tongue. Especially a big tongue like mine. Better to have som…