What kind of God lets little children suffer?

Suffering children. 

We've seen televised images of thin and battered Haitian children climbing through rubble in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. We've heard news stories of children who have been brutalized by strangers, or worse yet, by parents. We might even be one of those people who was hurt during childhood in ways that never should have happened.

Real life isn't Disneyland. Not all tigers are toys or a friendly person who is dressed in a plush costume.

How can a teacher or parent or any caring person see a hurting child and not say something, do something, to help?

I don't know how doctors can stand to watch a screaming and bleeding child be carried into an emergency room.

If we can care, why doesn't God seem to care? 

How can God have any kind of joy and peace while he sits in front of his big screen and watches children struggle and cry? How can God keep silent about what he sees? How can God let his children suffer and continue to suffer for any period of time, even for a minute? What kind of good heavenly father is that who gave people free choice and set us all loose on this planet with people dangers, environmental dangers and who knows what else?

Incredible. If I didn't know Jesus, I'd be really angry at our Heavenly Father.

I think Christians may have a tough time explaining that God is good and loving to some thinking and caring people who show up in church this coming Sunday in Easter outfits. And they may not have many opportunities to have this discussion with those who refuse to go anywhere near a church. All are welcome here. Let's talk.

Let's get real. God's big enough to handle the truth. You don't think he's heard people asking this question?

Well, he's heard plenty from me. This isn't a topic he's afraid of. Not the God I know.

I'm willing to discuss this topic with anyone who wants to. Or if you just want to listen in, that's okay, too.

I have thoughts on the subject which I'll share on this blog over a series of entries; this is too big an issue to address in a single post. I'll also share insights and thoughts others have expressed. You're welcome to chime in.

I'd like to hear your thoughts if you want to share your experiences, your questions, what you've learned or what you believe. We can agree or disagree, but let's be respectful. 


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