Some day my prince will come . . .

It isn't politically correct for modern stories and movies to let princesses get so embattled by problems that their only hope is for a prince to rescue them. That's the old style.
     You don't see modern princesses like Princess Tiana completely helpless. Tiana works hard alongside her  prince to overcome struggles and fight off enemies together . . . all the way to the altar.
     In contrast, Snow White bites into a poisoned apple and collapses. From then on, she can only sleep gracefully in a glass coffin. She is completely helpless to rescue herself from the curse of the sleeping death. Her only saving grace was wanting the prince to come for her.
     Snow White models an important biblical truth.
     Ever since Adam and Eve munched forbidden fruit, death's curse has been capturing God's children, prince and princess alike, one by one, and we've been helpless to free ourselves. God's true love, in Jesus, has the power to break death's curse. Those who look for God's help, have not and will not be disappointed. When Jesus touches expectant hearts, they live again.
     So whether or not we marry in this life, someday, Jesus will come for his bride, the church, and there will be a great wedding feast.
     Now there's a happily ever after ending we can trust.

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