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Night glasses

Have you ever tried to peer into the murky future? It's frustrating when you can see so little of what might be ahead on the path. Joys and future challenges are all shrouded in the unknown.
Have you ever stood at a crossroads and tried to see which path was better?
We make choices without fully knowing what affect decisions will have on our future and on those we love. We weigh available facts and pray. We wonder. Maybe we worry.
Fear can wrestle away peace of mind, if we let it. Fear of the unknown, fear of making a wrong step or a bad decision. Fear can paralyze movement in any direction.
Faith takes a different perspective. Faith looks not only at potential problems and tries to prepare wisely as time and resources allow, faith also looks to the One who promises to go with his children. 
God loves us and helps us. God said he would never leave or forsake us. The writer of Psalms 23 knew God to be a good shepherd who could find green, restful pastures, and still, refreshing waters.…