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Books: God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved

This sounds like a book worth reading: Finding Acceptance, Love, and Worth Redman helps women find their true worth in the eyes of the Father who knows their names
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In a society that defines worth by material possessions, professional success, and physical beauty, it is often difficult to feel worthy of God’s love and forgiveness.  Sometimes, those who are closest to us, even parents and siblings, can deeply damage our hearts by rejecting the person God has created us to be in Him.  God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved is Beth Redman’s confident declaration that believers do not have to bow beneath these feelings of rejection and worthlessness.
Redman readily recognizes that no matter how good and whole we are, there are days when we all feel misunderstood, blamed, forgotten, and rejected.  She wants readers to recognize these feelings for what they truly are—the enemy’s attempt to make us feel anonymous, illegitim…

As you are

Cats are a comfort. They accept you as you are. Feed them, give them shelter, talk softly, treat them well, and they respond with love. Cats don't care who your parents are/were. Cats don't care what level of formal education you've completed. They don't care what your job title, or lack of one, is, nor what your net worth is. Cats just like you if you like them and treat them well. Simple.

I wish people were so simple.

God. Well, the whole God thing would be a nightmare if it weren't for grace. What we couldn't be and couldn't do for ourselves, God did, so we can come near to him and be accepted as we are, as Christ is making us into.

I wish more people were as smart as God. 

I wish I were.


I haven't thought about her too much lately. She hasn't been around. He remembers her still.

It's been nearly a year since his wife died. Her sudden death swept him into a world without her. She was his best friend and more. He told her everything. No one, nothing, has taken her place.

Sometimes a sister or a brother calls him to see how he is coping. Sometimes he's glad to tell them what's going on. Sometimes, he said, he cries. Some men die shortly after a spouse dies, he shared. I've heard of that, I agreed. His faith is strong, he said as he wiped tears from his cheek.

All I could do for him was pray silently and listen. I let him share whatever feelings and memories spilled from his heart.


Listening to someone in grief casts shadows.

I don't think about losing a spouse too often. Today, I could see shadows of a future grief.

Hope and pain, love and grief swirled among his words. Faith also. He talked of eternal life.

There was a time I would ha…

Love restores

We've been walking through older homes for sale in Philadelphia in recent weeks. We have a contract on one now.

The home has character. A small vestibule opens into a large living room and dining room. The original oak arch separates the areas. An old oak banister ascends to private rooms on  upper floors. In the rear of the home is a modernized kitchen and private back yard.

Many of the home's contrasts of old and new are enchanting.

During a recent home inspection we looked more closely at floors, wiring, plumbing, roof and basement. For its age, the home is in good condition, the inspector said, but it needs some work and money to bring it up to and keep it at a well-maintained condition.  Some of the fixtures will need to be replaced, some can be repaired.

Love restores

I've been meditating lately on God's investment in us. He took us in our "as is" condition. He saw things about us that he loved. He also clearly saw the stains, scrapes, ruptures and bro…