Love restores

We've been walking through older homes for sale in Philadelphia in recent weeks. We have a contract on one now.

The home has character. A small vestibule opens into a large living room and dining room. The original oak arch separates the areas. An old oak banister ascends to private rooms on  upper floors. In the rear of the home is a modernized kitchen and private back yard.

Many of the home's contrasts of old and new are enchanting.

During a recent home inspection we looked more closely at floors, wiring, plumbing, roof and basement. For its age, the home is in good condition, the inspector said, but it needs some work and money to bring it up to and keep it at a well-maintained condition.  Some of the fixtures will need to be replaced, some can be repaired.

Love restores

I've been meditating lately on God's investment in us. He took us in our "as is" condition. He saw things about us that he loved. He also clearly saw the stains, scrapes, ruptures and brokenness. He chose to get involved.

Love cost him. Love paid the price, a staggering price.

Love has restored, is restoring and will continue to restore his children with good gifts, laughter and beauty.

The transformations earn God well-deserved praise and much joy. God shares all these and much more with those he loves.


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