Book Review: The Buzzards are Circling, But God's Not Finished with me Yet

In The Buzzards are Circling, But God's Not Finished with me Yet Stan Toler combines humor with sound biblical theology as he encourages and challenges those who face troubles. During these tough economic times, this book does much to answer tough questions and issues.

Toler's messages address a variety of difficult situations and life challenges. Toler, his family and members of his congregation have experienced a bevy of difficulties, Toler describes some of these as a massing of buzzards and then shares folksy stories, anecdotes and relevant scripture to dispel their menacing presence.

The Buzzards are Circling, But God's Not Finished with me Yet contains practical wisdom liberally mixed with humor in each chapter:
  • When Your World Crumbles, You Don't Have to be One of the Crumbs (You Can Survive Your Situation)
  • Life is Full of Uncertainty ... but I Could Be Wrong about That (Gaining Confidence in Tough Times)
  • God Created the World in Six Days and Did Not Once Ask My Advice! (Letting God Take Control of the Situation)
  • Hold the Phone! Can't We Talk about This First, Lord? (God Uses Testing Times as Building Times)
  • When the Fountain of Youth Has Rusted (Learning to Cope with Life's Challenges)
  • Don't Take My Plate Just Yet, I'm Getting Up Enough Courage to Finish the Broccoli (Surviving the Lean and Mean Times)
  • Everything isn't Relative; I've Also Got Some Good Friends (Good Relationships Help Us Through Tough Times)
  • Help, I've Fallen, and I Don't Want to Get Up (Settling the Issues That Hinder Healing)
  • I Know I'm Lost, but the Scenery's Spectacular! (Finding the Purpose in the Problem)
  • The Undertaker May Be Smiling, but God's Not Finished with Me Yet (Finding Hope above the Hardship)

Stan Toler is senior pastor of Trinity Church of the Nazarene, Oklahoma City, OK, and is the author of more than seventy books.


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