Finding solid footing in God's love

I'm meditating on rejection today. That isn't true. That's too tame a word. I'm wrestling with rejection today. Some days it's a mud wrestling match. I'm slipping. My feet and heart are reaching for the stone foundation of Christ's love and truth so I can get a better footing.

There's a lot of rejection in this life. If you work as a contractor, freelance writer or artist, you run into rejection. If you apply for jobs or compete for better positions, you run into being judged and possibly found short of someone's expectations.  If you're in the dating phase of relationships, you may feel rejected many times.

Sometimes you know why you're rejected, sometimes not.  Sometimes you're at fault and there is something you can do to improve. Sometimes when you don't measure up, the other may be using a faulty measuring tape. The difference isn't always clear.

Jesus dealt with rejection. He was "the stone that the builders rejected" (Acts 4:11). Christ didn't measure up to standards and expectations. You'd think religious leaders would have recognized God's heart in Jesus, but they didn't. In his case, it wasn't his fault. He was perfect. And he was perfectly suited for the work God had for him. It was the leaders and observers who used faulty measuring tapes on him. God, on the other hand, called him "beloved" and he was "well pleased" with him (Matthew 3:17).

Jesus was wise to focus on and stand confidently on the firm footing of God's attitude toward him. We are wise when we follow Christ's example.

God sees his children as beloved. Although we fall short of God's perfection, he reaches out to us and draws us near to his heart, not to condemn us, but to accept us and to work with us in deep ways to cleanse us, renew us and restore us into ever more meaningful levels of love and relationship.

When others count us out, God recruits us and teams with us anyway, in small places or large, where others see or not.

Jesus knew rejection and trudged on, serving as God directed. Christ's obedience didn't always appear to be successful, but in the long view, God was pleased.

God is in the business of restoring the broken and those rejected by others. God's truth strengthens our faith on firm foundations.

riverIs the world slinging dirt and mud? Shake off the dust, wipe off the mud, build your life and hope on the enduring truth of God's love because God is a rewarder of those who seek him.


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