Dr. Perkins' legacy on justice endures

Dr. John M. Perkins, the keynote speaker at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference spoke on Justice, Compassion and Advocacy issues. Dr. Perkins has been a Civil Rights activist for decades. He accepted Christ in the 1960s.

During a panel discussion later in the conference, Dr. Perkins shared a story of the time he was brutally beaten by authorities in the South, to the point of near death. That's when he said Love changed him. Love, not hatred, filled his face as he spoke about those painful experiences.

Dr. Perkins has worked with writers to create several books on Justice, Compassion and Advocacy issues, including a biography. He works to change the world so God's justice can create reconciliation. God makes the difference where nothing else can.

The statement I found most striking? "I want to make Jesus Christ beautiful."


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