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Why do it?

In today's publishing, platform vs. content questions can inspire discussion among writers and editors. Publishers would like to publish great content, but they need to have buyers, so writers with a platform that attracts readers (and buyers of books) appears to be more  important than working with unknown writers with a great idea or content.

An online writers group posed a variation on the question of "What is more important 'killer' platform or 'killer' content?"

In response, I wrote out the following thoughts. Since this is a big reason why I write on this blog, I want to share here also.
Thoughts on ['killer' platform vs. 'killer' content] are potentially deadly for me since I don't have a 'killer' platform. This issue is important for those making business publishing decisions. I understand that.

However, for those of us who have messages, we need to be careful not to let this destroy our efforts to communicate.

I th…

"Seeing God in the Wake of Loss"

In today's Focus on the Family's Daily Broadcast, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman continue sharing their journey of grief and faith since the accidental death of their five-year-old daughter Maria in 2008. In "Seeing God in the Wake of Loss," a multi-part program, the Chapmans share candidly about the difficult road they have been on individually, in their marriage and as a family.

The 2008 accidental death of their daughter Maria jettisoned the Chapman's into a journey they didn't choose. Not only are they grieving the loss of a child, they have struggled with questions of faith and hope that swell and churn in the wake of such experiences.

When feelings, questions, and struggles threaten to drag them under, they said they have been showing up for life. They're not going through this alone. God is helping them, and it is hard.

By Maria's graveside, Mary Beth spoke for a moment with her son Will Franklin, who was behind the wheel of the car t…