"Seeing God in the Wake of Loss"

In today's Focus on the Family's Daily Broadcast, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman continue sharing their journey of grief and faith since the accidental death of their five-year-old daughter Maria in 2008. In "Seeing God in the Wake of Loss," a multi-part program, the Chapmans share candidly about the difficult road they have been on individually, in their marriage and as a family.

The 2008 accidental death of their daughter Maria jettisoned the Chapman's into a journey they didn't choose. Not only are they grieving the loss of a child, they have struggled with questions of faith and hope that swell and churn in the wake of such experiences.

When feelings, questions, and struggles threaten to drag them under, they said they have been showing up for life. They're not going through this alone. God is helping them, and it is hard.

By Maria's graveside, Mary Beth spoke for a moment with her son Will Franklin, who was behind the wheel of the car that struck and killed Maria. She admitted that the journey is hard and would be until the day they reached the One who made them.

Although the Chapmans have not fully recovered from the grief of losing a child (does anyone ever?), they are speaking out, sharing thoughts, feelings and their faith in the One who holds them together and keeps them going.

Mary Beth wrote the story of this journey in her recent book, Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope. She said she didn't want this story, but she is sharing it in the hope of what God can do.

Hope is a recurring theme through this broadcast. The Chapman's speak of their hope in what God has done, is doing and can do. They share their hope to spend eternity with this loved child. They also share hope for Will Franklin to journey well through the guilt he struggles with since this accident.

The story isn't over. By sharing their story, the Chapman's have invited us into their lives, struggles and their faith in the Overcoming One who is actively working through these things.

Since the accident, Steven Curtis Chapman recorded a new song and album, Beauty Will Rise, that speaks of the hope they have for the future God has planned for those who love him.

The journey continues.

Can you see God's footprints on your journey? What gives you hope when you struggle toward your future?


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