Why do it?

In today's publishing, platform vs. content questions can inspire discussion among writers and editors. Publishers would like to publish great content, but they need to have buyers, so writers with a platform that attracts readers (and buyers of books) appears to be more  important than working with unknown writers with a great idea or content.

An online writers group posed a variation on the question of "What is more important 'killer' platform or 'killer' content?"

In response, I wrote out the following thoughts. Since this is a big reason why I write on this blog, I want to share here also.
Thoughts on ['killer' platform vs. 'killer' content] are potentially deadly for me since I don't have a 'killer' platform. This issue is important for those making business publishing decisions. I understand that.

However, for those of us who have messages, we need to be careful not to let this destroy our efforts to communicate.

I think of a flower I saw while on a walk in King's Canyon, California. The flower grew deep in the woods, visible only by a few hikers. It bloomed in a patch of sunlight and was strikingly beautiful. I stopped and stared at it for a long time. If only the Creator and a few passersby saw it, the flower nonetheless was giving 100% of its gifts and messages to whomever would listen.

The memory of that flower inspires me to write to the audience God provides.

Publishers need to worry about the numbers of those who buy books. Christian writers need to write, if only to an audience of One.
Question: What do you need to do today, if only for an audience of One?


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