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Mixing up traditions

Thanksgiving dinner is coming up soon. At our house, food is beginning to crowd shelves and counters. And I'm not done shopping!

I'm looking forward to cooking for family and friends. I love when we can get together. Those times are rare since adult children have moved to different states during the college years.

Traditions evolve
We customarily celebrate Thanksgiving at our home by serving a traditional meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and the usual fixings.  Last year we went to a friend's house and sampled foods that were amazing. Laura will serve one of her mother's recipes again this year.

I love having many cooks in the kitchen. Everyone seems to enjoy pitching in. When our four children were younger, pitching in meant stirring the mashed potatoes or dumping canned green beans into a casserole dish. As the children grew, so did their interest in more interesting ways of serving green beans, turkey and potatoes. They have surpassed my basic cooking ski…

When it's fun

One thing why writing is fun for me:
I enjoy putting words to images           or disembodied thoughts                        or a tsunami of feelings.

For me writing is something like capturing a moth and pinning it to a board. Then I can study the details.

I enjoy sharing what I learn.
How about you? What do you enjoy doing? What do you do when it is no longer fun?

Raking good will

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Maryland. Red, gold, burgundy, green, olive and brown leaves festoon limbs and litter lawns. This is one of my favorite times of year.

Raking leaves
I raked leaves this morning from our lawn to the curb, sweeping them across green grass. In years past, children would help by leaping into the piles I made, and crunching dry leaves underfoot. This morning a gentle breeze kept me company, rearranged a pile here or setting a leaf twirling there.

I didn't let new accumulations of litter discourage me. I wasn't expecting perfection, only progress.

Some of our leaves scampered across to a neighbor's yard. I watched my leaves mingle with other leaves I couldn't identity. My neighbor's tree was aflame with bright leaves that hadn't yet fallen. None of the leaves I raked were hers. Not yet.

Raking good will
It only seems right that a homeowner with a tree could collect at least some of the leaves that litter a neighbor's yard.

I d…

Silence therapy

I'm enjoying the silence of a quiet house. Nap time! Toddlers are sleeping.

Nana's soaking up the silence as a camel gulps down water at an oasis. Soon it will be time to snack on real and pretend food, color, or hold a plastic potato head while small fingers fashion a face. And best of all it will be time again to listen to the uncensored thoughts and feelings of small children's squeals or cries or giggles or chatter or gibberish or grunts.

Children are delightful. Children are wonderfully exhausting. And, yes, now and then, children present challenges for creative problem solving and quick prayers to God for wisdom, patience and perspective. As ever, God is ready and willing to provide for our needs.

Sometimes I miss the time when my own four children were young. Now I enjoy the moments and sometimes hours when I can play with small grandchildren or chat with an adult child.

Resting now will make playing later and the evening's work more enjoyable.

Sometimes sleep i…