Silver Lining Success -- Coming Soon

Sunset in La Jolla, courtesy of
On Pam Kruger's website, I clicked on the link "Silver Lining Success," fully expecting stories of people who have battled through troubles and discovered unexpected gifts and treasures.

Instead I found a brief message, "Turing adversity into opportunity: COMING SOON," and a photo of sunlight transforming the edges of dark clouds into shining strips.

Even so the simple words "Coming Soon" ministered hope.

"Coming Soon" is a hope-filled message for the journey. When we're going through the storms of life, we need this hope. When we're still living the story and haven't yet reached a resolution stage, we need to remember God is at work. God is faithful. God gives good gifts to his children. When God allows dark clouds to obscure the sun for a time, we can be sure there are blessings to come.

Dark clouds cannot completely hide the shining light of God's love at work in our lives. If we haven't seen them yet, God's shining silver linings are coming soon for his beloved children.


During life's stormy times, what messages give you hope?


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