A winning strategy to keep from quitting

Someone has said, "The difference between failure and success is picking yourself off the ground one more time."

Like many of us, Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson, battles the desire to quit. He has learned not to let feelings dictate the outcome for his dreams.

Michael Hyatt shares his strategy for endurance in his blog post "What Keeps You Going When You Feel Like Quitting?"

For every important area of his life, Hyatt has created a list to remind him why he is doing what he is doing. So, when he is tempted to quit, he has reminders of the dream. Hyatt has written these lists for his marriage, his career in publishing, his writing project, his running, you name it. These lists help him keep going when he feels like quitting.

Hyatt does more than discuss the topic abstractly. He gets down to specifics by sharing his marriage list.

Hyatt's article is practical and useful. Sometimes I feel like quitting. Hyatt's article gives me a tool to use today. So, I'll make a list of why I'm blogging. I hope it helps me follow Hyatt's leadership to revisit why I choose to keep blogging when I feel like quitting.

After that list, I think I'll write one for parenting adult children, practicing hospitality ....

How about you? Do you have a winning strategy that keeps you going when you feel like quitting an important dream or relationship? 


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