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Writers Digest 101 Best Sites
MacGregor's Literary Books that Make a Difference
Michael Hyatt's blog, From Where I Sit
Mary DeMuth's blog, So You Wanna Be Published blog
Sally Stuart's Marketing blog
Rants and Ramblings: On life as a Literary Agent
Terry Whalin's blog, "The Writing Life"
Pyro Marketing blog
Publisher's Lunch


  1. Love Chip MacGregor! He used to have a blog and it was great, but then he quit blogging.
    I checked out the Sally Stuart site and she's giveing away writer's guide books for writer's groups if they pay the shipping. I just picked up 5 books for $8! A steal!!
    I read Publisher's Lunch all the time and find out interesting things every day. Good List!

  2. Thanks for letting me know Chip MacGregor is no longer posting to his blog. I haven't read him lately.

    I'm glad you got such a good deal from Sally Stewart's blog. Awesome!


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