Thin places allow glimpses of God

Pressing into Thin Places:
Encouraging the Heart Toward God
Pressing into Thin Places: Encouraging the Heart Toward God, by Margaret Harrell Wills, Ed.D., is like a gentle breeze scented with hope that draws readers close to the heart of God.

In her book, Wills serves as a reliable guide on a meditative journey. She uses vivid and sometimes personal anecdotes, original poetry, and scripture -- all serve to encourage readers.

This small book is best read in a quiet room so time can slow down and attention can rest and linger on its time-proven truths. You may want to mute a cell phone or TweetDeck.

Thin places allow glimpses of God
In her book Wills shares glimpses of God at work in the world. She writes of difficult situations, a death of a child, brokenness and discouragement. She shares how we who follow Jesus and seek God may find a thin place, a time "when we feel especially close to God, where for a moment the spiritual and natural worlds intersect and narrow into a thin place, a place of sudden, momentary awareness of the deep presence of God."

Readers may be inspired to reflect and seek a glimpse of God pressing through thin places in their lives also.

I appreciated reading Wills words. This is a book I'll want to keep on my shelf so I can reread passages on difficult days. Time spent with powerful truths can refocus a discouraged mind to renewed awareness of God's love and faithfulness.

Read it yourself or give it as a gift to someone in need of an uplifting message of God's love.

Disclosure: B&B Media provided me a free copy of this book for review. I was not obligated to write a favorable review.

Have you caught a glimpse of God at work in a thin place in your life? How do you find a thin place?


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