Coping with Breast Cancer: Interview with Becky Harling

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In this broadcast, Yvonne Ortega, national speaker and author of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer: 60 Inspirational Readings (Revell, Sept. 2010), interviews Becky Harling, a Bible teacher, speaker and breast cancer survivor.

Becky Harling talks about lessons she learned through her struggles with breast cancer.
Two important lessons she learned was to be an image bearer of God and to praise him every day.

An image bearer of God
Harling talks about being an image bearer of God, instead of an image protector. Early in life in her role as a pastor's kid, she learned the importance of protecting her family's image. Now, she finds being an image bearer of God is more freeing and joyful. She shines God's image through difficult situations and interactions with imperfect people.

Praising God
Harling said she learned to praise God through her tears. She challenges Christians to spend 20 minutes a day praising God for his love even when they don't feel like praising him. The act of praising may not alleviate the situation, but it cultivates more peace and joy in it.

Harling says these lessons freed her from performing for others and perfectionism. In Becky Harling's newly released book, Freedom from Performing: Grace in an Applause-Driven World (NavPress, May 2011), she  shares many truths that can free us from performing and perfectionism. One of the most important for her was finally being able to hear: "God says, 'I love you, just as you are.' "

Harling has written other books on emotional issues: Rewriting your Emotional Script: Erase Old Messages, Embrace New Attitudes (NavPress 2008) and Finding Calm in Life's Chaos: Safe Shelter in the Arms of Jesus (NavPress May 2005).

Have you struggled with an illness or difficult situation that gave you an opportunity to learn valuable lessons? How are you different?


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