Have you read The Lost Tweets of Jesus by Ed Cyzewski?

What would Jesus have tweeted? If you ever wanted to know, Ed Cyzewski could tell you. He's  written the e-book, a red letter edition, no less. He claims he's "Uncovered the World's Greatest Ancient Digital Mystery." See for yourself.
Ed Cyzewski's free e-book, The Lost Tweets of Jesus: Uncovering the World's Greatest Ancient Digital Mystery, is a clever parody he posted as an April Fool's gift to his website readers.  Since then, he's broadcast the message from Twitter, in true gospel-style hope that some would stop, and as he puts it, "Read, Revel and Retweet."

I did. I did. And I did.

Cyzewski, a writer and theologian, claims The Lost Tweets of Jesus is loosely based on a few events in Mark's gospel. However loosely based, compressed as it is into 140-character tweets from Jesus' Twitter feed, the gospel message is true to the heart of the original. In this parody we get a glimpse of Jesus and his ministry through the lens of today's culture.

I think even God, the Father, may have sent an "lol" or two.

I'm looking forward to further ancient discoveries this author may unearth. At this time, Cyzewski is not prepared to answer the question of when or if he will write the Twitter version of the Bible. All he would tweet was, " Ha! Writing that little parody took forever."

Lucky for readers The Lost Tweets of Jesus doesn't take long to read. This is a short and fun look at Jesus from a fresh perspective.

You can get your retweetable copy of The Lost Tweets of Jesus by clicking here.

For those who prefer a more serious approach to theology, Cyzewski has written those books also. Rest assured. They take longer to read. You can find details in this e-book or on his web site, In a Mirror Dimly.

Now I'm reading another e-book by this author, Love Bites. You guessed it. It's a parody of the Twilight series and Love Wins. Less gory so far than a movie my daughter dragged me to. Ah, but that's another story.

Is The Lost Tweets of Jesus complete? Are you aware of any lost tweets of Jesus that are still lost? Please share in the comments.


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