Protecting a marriage, part II

   I'm still very interested in the question Michael Hyatt posed in this blog post "What Are You Doing to Protect Your Marriage? Hyatt made excellent points and has collected great responses. A least one interesting discussion has spilled over into other blog posts. (Read  The Lamb's Power: Building Character.)
   Since writing a list of 10 things I'm doing to protect my marriage, one of my contributions to Hyatt's ongoing discussion, so there is something more I want to share here. There is much to think about. 
   This subject is so vital for us individually, for our children, our grandchildren, our evangelical Christian community and our nation.

A pure heart
   If I were to boil down all the good advice and choose one thing that is most important on this subject, I'd say, cultivate a pure heart. A pure heart is the best affair-proof prevention. It works great on other potential relationship problems too. For out of a pure heart God can pour out love, the type of love we all need from one another, the type of love that doesn't sin against a spouse, a child, or anyone else.
   When we co-labor with God on this, he does most of the work and his love breaks no laws and is always appropriate to the occasion. Then, the ground we stand on and walk on is holy. When we can love one another from that place, we honor him, in a marriage and all other relationships.
   So that is the challenge I'm called to live. Maybe you are too or perhaps you're working on a different challenge he has given you this week.  But, I have to admit, my heart needs some weed-pulling. So, like David before me, I'll ask God to create in me a pure heart. I know he can do it.

What are you doing to protect your marriage this week?


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