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A new Twitter friend visited my blog and suggested I add another way to subscribe to new blog posts. She pointed out that some blogs offer subscriptions by email, but my blog doesn't.

Thanks to her, now it does. 

You can now subscribe to my blog by leaving an email address. After you subscribe, all new posts to Sequoia Ways will automatically be sent to your email address. We will not sell your email address and we will not use your email address to send you spam.

Good ideas need to be rewarded, don't you think?

In appreciation, I'd like to giveaway a review copy of any book I've reviewed this year. Will the new Twitter friend who suggested this idea, please claim the book of your choice by sending me an email or by leaving a comment. (I'd mention your name, but I don't want to do that without your informed consent.)

Books I've reviewed so far in 2011, available as giveaways:
Books she does NOT claim will become available for future giveaways on the blog. Watch for more details.

Which book would you like a chance to win in a free giveaway contest?


  1. Hey, Connie,
    The Hidden Gifts of Helping sounds good! Glad to have helped you get info on subscribe by email. Don't want to lose out on any subscribers!

    Donna Perugini

  2. @DonnaPerugini, I'll send your book today. I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank you for giving information to help this blog.


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